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Representing financial institutions in the negotiation and documentation of loans and the pursuit of their remedies

From the original First National Bank of Midland and Midland National Bank to the leading banks in the Permian Basin today, West Texas financial institutions and the families and firms who founded them have engaged our firm to represent them in the negotiation and documentation of loans, working out credit relationships following declines in performance, and foreclosures of collateral positions in those relationships beyond remedy. With expertise in both energy lending and real estate finance, the firm is uniquely positioned to advise banking clients of current business needs in all economic climates.

LC&A’s attorneys provide expert counsel to financial industry clients as they negotiate loan and settlement terms, leveraging our deep financial expertise and a thorough understanding of the oil and gas industry and the economic climate of the Permian Basin to negotiate loan terms, document those terms appropriately, memorialize and perfect collateral positions, and pursue our clients’ remedies upon the occurrence of events of default.

We ensure that our banking clients are protected when they advance funds, and help them recover debts when borrowers fail to repay the amounts due.

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