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Ensuring compliance with federal and state business regulations

Whether you’re starting a new business, preparing for a change in ownership or navigating corporate governance issues, our experienced team of corporate law attorneys is here to help. We work on behalf of our clients to form corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies and other entities specially structured to meet their specific needs.

For established companies, we offer expert guidance to officers and directors on maintaining entity status according to federal and state requirements, and assist in governing the entity on an ongoing basis.

With extensive business knowledge and market experience, LC&A’s skilled attorneys also help companies who offer stocks, bonds, futures contracts, options or mutual funds ensure they are operating in compliance with federal and state securities laws, including the registration and issuance of securities. We work closely with companies and individuals who currently offer securities for sale or plan to in the future, as well as entities preparing to register as publicly held companies.

We assist clients in handling a variety of corporate and securities matters in compliance with federal and state laws.

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