Alternative Dispute Resolution


Serving as a neutral intermediary or decision-maker in cases requiring mediation or arbitration.


Our experienced attorneys frequently assist other attorneys and their clients in weighing the risks of settling a lawsuit out of court or continuing to trial. These situations are often complex, with many details to consider; we serve as an active, objective and neutral voice during this confidential and non-binding process.

Our goal in mediation is always to help the client arrive at an informed, clear decision. In the vast majority of cases, we are able to assist the parties and their counsel to find a final resolution without proceeding to trial.

LC&A attorneys are typically hired for mediation by lawyers or appointed by judges; mediation is often required as part of a contract or required by order of a court.


In arbitration, our attorneys serve as neutral decision makers in order to finally resolve disputes. Arbitration is much like serving as a private judge appointed to make legally binding decisions,  a role that requires excellent listening skills, advanced analytical ability and a strong legal background.

LC&A attorneys are typically hired for arbitration by lawyers on behalf of the parties involved, or appointed by neutral service providers such as the American Arbitration Association or the International Centre for Dispute Resolution.


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