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Representing clients in various phases of the oil and gas development process

We represent individuals, families, and companies as they engage in exploration, development and production of energy resources on property they own. Whether a client is in the process of acquiring, selling, operating, developing, or disputing development of a producing or non-producing oil and gas property, LC&A can help.

Our attorneys consult with and provide counsel to our clients and, when necessary, engage in negotiations with adversarial parties on their behalf. We draw on decades of experience to advise on legal limitations, necessary protections and potential risks. When we reach mutual satisfaction on both sides of the issue, we negotiate and draft clear terms, completing all documents required to define the transaction. Our goal is always to help our clients reach their goals and protect them from future adverse claims that might arise from any action or transaction.

We work with our clients to establish clear terms surrounding oil and gas production on or near property they own.

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